Christianity in Papua

This article is published as Chapter 8 in A History of Christianity in Indonesia, Jan Sihar Aritonang and Karel Steenbrink (eds), 2008, Leiden: Brill, pp 345-383.
It is open source and available from the website of Brill Publishers, Leiden:


  1. The West Papuans Island, had been found by “Gospel” from since on 1800 year ago. West Papuns have being “Free” by the “Gospel” since on Sunday 05 February 1855-2022… to the Heaven “1000 KINGDOM’ SON OF GOD” as “King Of Peace” those must do with “Global Peace Mission” for our planet earth.
    The West Papua is “Christianist” by the Gospel (Bible-GOD WORD).

    The World underlined of Entangled by “Gospel” for the hope of be this planet.

    By. Christians Union – West Papua

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